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3X3 Unites is all about using the strength of 3X3 and use sport as a tool for development. From educating youngsters to become local role models and creating strong communities towards creating an ecosystem where the world becomes a bit better for all involved. 3X3 Unites is an in The Netherlands founded NGO that challenge the universe to grow by crossing borders and leading by example. With the founders Mark Schuurman and Jesper Jobse and their professional team they connect and empower people through everything 3X3 has to offer. 

Besides being the organizer of the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Masters in The Netherlands they are specialized in teaching youngster from all backgrounds in their leadership program. When they graduate they are called 3X3 Leaders. These local role models create activities and events for youths in their neighborhoods within a safe environment.


FIBA 3x3 Head of Events Ignacio Soriano explains: “We want more then a business relationship by organizing a World Tour Masters. 3X3 Unites is everything what we want, because they are giving to the community a lot. Not only basketball, it’s about the lifestyle and about the way of living. And this is something and core values they share with us. So we are happy and are proud and honored to start this collaboration this years long term partnership and we expect to make the best out of it". See also this little mini-docu with more insights: https://tinyurl.com/3nvxdrws. We thought it is a great opportunity for the brand FIBA and 3X3 Unites to come together for a special collab. Actually it is the first collab FIBA does because of all the good work 3X3 Unites is doing. 

This collab starts with 3 items. A t-shirt, a crew neck and a hoody. When buying these items you support the local community and development of youth through using the power of 3x3. We created for this a special badge and showed it on the garments. Having the 3x3 logo together with the 3X3 Unites logo brought awareness to the many good social causes they are realizing. 
Organizing more than 5,000 activities and events yearly in The Netherlands 3X3 Unites is really making a difference there. Also in other countries the vision and methodology of 3X3 Unites is shared. For instance in co-operation with the FIBA Foundation they educated in the Young Leaders programs in Botswana and Guadeloupe hundreds of youngsters with their Leadership program. 
More information about 3X3 Unites can be found on their social accounts (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Youtube). Search for their channels 3X3 Unites, 3X3 Next and 3X3 PRO.
Link to their website:


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