Maria Mingueza was asked to be involved with the launch of 3x3 brand. Living and studying in the city she sees many basketball courts on her way to university, when she visits friends, or while shopping. She mentioned to us she has a very active lifestyle.

Maria: I like to wear 3x3 on my way to the gym or when I am doing quick visits in the city. Basketball is one of my favorite sports to watch. Playing I also do a little but watching I can do better. 3x3 being a global game, so fast and dynamic got my attention. Learning that we have a great Spanish woman’s teams got me routing for them.


3x3 is combining sport with urban lifestyle. They also decide to work with only organic materials ; that got me happy to work with them. Love how the pictures came out, can’t wait to see this brand in the streets all over the world.

Maria Mingueza
Influencer 120 k 
Barcelona Spain

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