Maria Mingueza


We had the opportunity to collaborate with Maria Mingueza on the launch of 3x3. As a city resident and student, Maria has a passion for an active lifestyle, often passing by local basketball courts on her way to school, when visiting friends, or while shopping. From the moment we met Maria, we knew that she was the perfect fit for our brand. Her enthusiasm for sports and her commitment to health and wellness aligns with our core mission. We were delighted to have her join us as a partner in our debut, knowing that her energy and excitement would help us bring our message to an even wider audience.


In her own words, Maria shared with us what interests her so much about 3x3:

"I like to wear 3x3 on my way to the gym or when I am making quick visits into the city. Basketball is one of my favorite sports to watch, and while I play it a little I'm an even bigger fan. Being a global game that is so fast-paced and dynamic, 3x3 captured my attention from the start. Learning that we have a great Spanish women's team got me rooting for them as well."

"3x3 is combining the competitive nature of basketball with an urban lifestyle. The fact that they choose to work with only organic materials is something that is meaningful to me on a personal level. I love the way our photoshoot turned out, and I can't wait to see this brand in streets all over the world."


Maria Mingueza
Influencer 120 k 
Barcelona Spain

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